Bridging The Gap (BTG), Inc. is a consulting agency that helps its clients create brave spaces for boys and young men to experience joy and achievement inside and outside schools.

BTG exists to close the mentoring gap through innovative programming and events, offering volunteer mentors and students the chance to create connections and positive outcomes.

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When communities and schools cultivate space for #BlackBoyJoy, boys of color feel welcomed, encouraged, and a collective responsibility to excel.

Garrett E. Richardson aka Mr. G

Advocate For All Things #BlackandBrownBoyJoy


Bridging The Gap, Inc.



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Core services


Program design

We employ an evidence based and data-driven approach to apply targeted interventions to students of focus.

Our design approach leverages the power of peer influence and teacher-student relationships to deepen students’ connection to their school and to their academic outcomes.



We compliment our efforts with capacity building professional development for staff to produce sustainable outcomes.

Our workshops are designed to support the creation of sustainable school culture and climate plans.  We believe a positive school culture reflects a school’s investment in the academic and social-emotional health of every student and adult while maintaining high expectations for all. 




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#Blackandbrownboyjoy mentoring events

The first Day of #BlackAndBrownBoyJoy took place on April 21st, 2018.  On this day, we curated a mentoring experience for 40 boys and professional men of color to connect in a safe space.  We design for clients quarterly mentoring events to bolster their students’ social capital and establish positive relationships with professional men and women of color, a key determining factor for long term success.


Our consultation services have shown to significantly decrease chronic absenteeism rates and improve on track credit accumulation for NYC high school students.  

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100 boys matched

In two academic years, we have matched 100 boys of color (grades 9 - 11) with Peer Mentors.  Our communities have offered over 50 hours of peer to peer mentoring, team building and social emotional support activities.

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Staying on track towards graduation

We improved the number of freshmen  participants earning 10+ credits per school year an average of 15% compared to the previous year's freshmen cohort; consequently, nearly 80% of participants are remaining on track to graduate on time. 


Reducing chronic absenteeism

We reduced chronic absenteeism by approximately 7% for student participants.

Chronic absenteeism is typically defined as missing 10 percent or more of a school year -- approximately 18 days a year, or just two days every month. And across the nation, 5 to 7.5 million students are chronically absent.


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