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What is Black Boy Joy

Black Boy Joy (BBJ) is the outward and internal expressions of boundless possibility that exists among each and every one of us.  BBJ is Black male freedom, the freedom to choose who we are and will be while defying the limitations of who we are suppose to be according to society at-large.  It is about finding the triumph amidst the trauma of our daily lives. It is about discovering the wonder of our being, of our bond as brothers, of our brilliance and boldness in attitude and actions.  

The BBJ project is what I have been called to do with my time on this Earth.  This is a lifelong commitment to sharing and listening, highlighting and celebrating, discussing and uplifting the profiles, work and achievements of the Black male experience here in America and abroad.  The project (this blog) will be my personal hub for all things BBJ and hopefully a destination for anyone who wishes to be inspired and learn more. In the ensuing weeks and months and years, I will be sharing my tips, insights, profiles, interviews, musings, reactions and media all related to BBJ.  I hope this project will be of use to anyone invested in improving life outcomes for Black boys and men.

Welcome to the Black Boy Joy Project!